Premiere: The Recipe Dismantles Naysayers In Layered “Uma Thurman” Visual

Lyricism has always been a key component in the rap game. It’s also a part of the DNA that makes Dubai rap group The Recipe so powerful. The trio’s latest release, cleverly titled “Uma Thurman,” shows the world what the group is made of.

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Produced by Sebastian Guillet & Jamie Langley, the Omar Abbas-directed video goes the artistic route with a teen struggling to find his voice. With Kaz Money, Swerte and Perfect Storm dropping word play to the artist’s battle royal, the video wakes up the audience on several layers. The group has made noise overseas, eventually leading to praise from Snoop Dogg, Akon, Fatboy Slim, 50 Cent and new Def Jam CEO Paul Rosenberg.

“We make music that expresses how we feel about any subject that means something to us,” says Kaz Money to TimeOut last year. The group found each other in Dubai, but all hail from separate worlds. Kaz was raised in the UAE to a blended family (his mom is Italian-Eritrean, his father Armenian-Syrian), Storm was raised between the UK and Hong Kong and Swerte’s background stems from his Swiss-Indonesian heritage. The group hasn’t cloaked their music in culture, but has found ways to use their platform to raise awareness for issues close to their spirits. Last year, the guys brought attention to Helping Hand Indonesia, a group dedicated to raising money to provide artificial limbs for impoverished youth.

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“Hip-hop is more popular now than it used to be, but the music has also changed dramatically,” Kaz said. “We utilize our own backgrounds as inspiration and tackle many different issues that are relevant to everyone.”

“Uma Thurman” is featured on their forthcoming album Funerals & Purgatory. Their previous singles include “Bandana” and the Talib Kweli-assisted “Place To Rest.”

Check out “Uma Thurman” up top.

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