White Supremacists Joked About Running Over Counter Protesters Before Charlottesville Riots

Counter protesters in Charlottesville now have a sufficient amount of proof against white supremacists and their intent during the “Unite the Right” rally that left one woman dead.

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Wired reports leaked chats from a group of march organizers revealed plans to target people of color and resort to violence–such as running over counter protesters with their cars. The credible leaks stem from Unicorn Riot, a left-wing media outlet. The users connected through a chat app called Discord to make jokes and set up plans for the Aug. 12 rally-turned-riot.

The online chats featured conversations prior to the rally about how to react with counter protesters and “fighting for the white race.” “Some screaming little Latina bi**h comes at you and knocks your teeth on your riot shield, that means you hit her, and you’re going to get in trouble for the weapons,” one user said. Another group of users were happy to suggest invading an outdoor black back to school party to incite “RAHOWA,” which is an acronym for a racial war.

Unicorn Riot Chats

Conversations on race continued, with one user saying, “driving over protesters blocking roadways isn’t an offense.”


Timothy Litzenburg, the attorney for two women suing neo-nazis says the obtained online chats could be used in the suit to prove organizers and members planned to use violent force at the event. In another move that will more than likely help the plaintiffs, users were caught tracking police scanners, planning carpools, sharing tips on weapons and mocked Heather Heyer’s death as well as Marcus Martin, who was also hit by the car driven by James Alex Fields.

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Users super imposed “Back to the Future” into a photo of the crowd at Charlottesville, with the line, “Back to the Fhurer (sic).” They also used the popular “floor” insert joke to push racist stereotypes on Martin.


Discord released a statement condemning the use of their platform.

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