Twitter Unnecessarily Debates Yvonne Orji’s Virginity

It’s no secret by now that Insecure’s Yvonne Orji is a 33-year-old virgin. The actress previously revealed that she has taken an oath of chastity until marriage. And while she recently told the Los Angeles Times that she is proud of her decision, it seems that a lot of people on Twitter are not. For some reason, Twitters users engaged in a heated debate concerning Orji’s sex life.

The star never asked for anyone’s opinion, but she got a handful of negative comments on social media, some of which were shaming her because of her choice. Many even went so far as to say they feel sorry for her.

But deep in the trenches of the Twitter debate, some fans expressed their admiration for Orji. “Yvonne Orji is goals mate. Not because she’s a virgin but because she’s unashamed to speak about it & link it to her faith in this day & age,” one person tweeted. Others blasted the critics for having the audacity to comment on another woman’s choice.

As for Yvonne, she has said that her virginity doesn’t define her. “I am a virgin, but there’s other things about me,” she told the LA Times. If people are so concerned with the actress getting laid, they can check out Insecure every Sunday, during which Orji’s character Molly lets her freak flag fly.