50 Cent Stops By ‘The Breakfast Club’ To Offer Advice To Usher And Kevin Hart

It’s always a petty party when 50 Cent’s in town.

Mr. Jackson stopped by The Breakfast Club Wednesday morning (Sept. 27) to promote his newest venture 50 Central slated to premiere tonight on BET. However, you can’t be around Fif and not discuss Power. The executive producer touched on a few of the strategies he employed to get Starz to pump more money into the promotion.

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After a few laughs and a punch or two aimed at life-long nemesis Irv Gotti (the two now have shows on the same network) Angela Yee asked Fif to impart some advice to Usher who has been embroiled in controversy ever since court documents surfaced he paid $1 million to a victim alleging to have contacted herpes from him.

“If I were Usher, I’d be poppin’ up everywhere,” Fif said.

“Poppin up, like an outbreak,” Charlamagne added.

“The reason why I would do that is because it would remind people who he is, because if we hear stuff and you go away, you tuck away, it becomes real to us. It becomes true,” 50 Cent said,

Since the documents were unearthed, two women and a man have come forward accusing the “Good Kisser” artist of infecting them with the viral STD. Yee then questioned Fif on his thoughts surrounding Kevin Hart, to which he responded that something about the situation just doesn’t seem right.

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“Kevin’s a lover, he’s a Cancer, I don’t know what happened in this particular situation, but it feels scandalous,” 50 Cent said. Check out the full interview below to see 50 Cent’s thoughts on Charlamagne’s alleged involvement with Wendy Williams’ husband’s mistress.