There’s An Acoustic Cover Of “Bodak Yellow” And…Well, Judge For Yourself

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Just like Issa Rae proudly proclaimed to be rooting for everybody black at last week’s Emmys, many are also rooting for Cardi B. As “Bodak Yellow” continues its dominance and inches closer to possibly dethroning Taylor Swift for the coveted number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100, Cardi B and her fans (or Swift haters) can almost taste victory.

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“Bodak Yellow” is probably one of the most prominent remixes in modern music, and YouTuber Daniel Aaron decided to give Cardi B’s runaway hit an acoustic remix. Some commentators think it’s dope; others feel it’s the equivalent to unseasoned chicken.

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Uploaded Aug. 24, Aaron’s video has so far merited fewer than 9,000 views.

One of the reasons Cardi B fans love her so much is despite the explosive success of “Bodak Yellow,” the 24-year-old is truly grateful for all the success she’s had. Whether it be performing at OVO Fest this summer and Drake offering kind words backstage, or Janet Jackson dancing to “Bodak Yellow,” Cardi isn’t taking any of this for granted, so maybe she will dig the acoustic version.

Or not.