Aunt V, The World’s Oldest Woman Dies In Jamaica At 117 Years Old


In April 2017, Violet Moss (also spelled Mosse) earned the distinction of being the oldest living woman. Affectionately known as Aunt V to the world, Moss was born on March 10, 1900 in Jamaica.

However, Aunt V wouldn’t live long enough to bask in her accomplishment as Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness took to Twitter on Friday to announce she passed away at the age of 117.

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Aunt V earned the title from the Guinness World Records after taking it from the previous record holder, Emma Morano who died at the same age but in Italy.

When asked what her secret to such a long life, Moss said she does what she wants. “I eat everything, except pork and chicken and I don’t drink rum and them things,” she said.

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Just a few days after earning the title, Moss’ son Harold Fairweather died at the age of 97.

Rest in peace, Aunt V.