Azealia Banks Accuses Cardi B Of Having A Ghostwriter For “Bodak Yellow”


Azealia Banks’ argument against the rise of Cardi B and her hit single “Bodak Yellow” continued Tuesday (Sept. 27) after she moved her comments from Twitter to Instagram.

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During her lengthy Instagram Story, the “Chi-Chi” rapper doubled down on her retort about African-American men in the music industry and their failure to assist African-American female rappers. She also takes more digs at Cardi B by mocking her plastic surgery and accused the rapper of having a ghostwriter.

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“They all call you a smut and say your a** is purple,” Banks said. She then goes on to mention a man named Po who is allegedly friends with Cardi’s incarcerated ex-boyfriend. “I might get the ni**a to write for me too. Kudos, dunce. Everyone says you f**k for raps. They gas you like you were that girl and you’re not that girl. You’re gonna have your moment and then you’re going to be gone. It wasn’t an organic hit. You don’t have bars,” she added.

“Bodak Yellow” includes sole songwriting credits to Cardi with production by Jermaine White, mixing by Micheal Ashby and mastering by Evan LaRay.

Cardi, who made history with her No.1 status on the Billboard charts, responded earlier that day to the rapper’s similar comments on Twitter by posting a video of Banks reciting the lines to “Bodak Yellow.” Before closing out her argument, Banks defends singing the tune by blaming it on a wild night.

“Last but not least, I popped a molly that night, they could’ve played Luz Clarita and I would’ve danced to it,” she said. “Don’t flatter yourself honey.”

Welp. Listen to her argument below.

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