Black Superheroes In Hoodies Help Elderly Woman Trapped In Hurricane Harvey


Acts of kindness have been seen in the waters of Houston and the latest has warmed the hearts of social media.

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From Trae Tha Truth to reporters and jet-ski owners coming to the aid of evacuees, the courageous acts have proven just how big the heart really is. A group of teenagers continued the vibe this week when they helped an elderly woman pull her car out of a flooded ravine. The video was shared widely on Twitter by writer Matthew A. Cherry.

With the hashtag #IAmNotYourStereotype, the director points out how their attire should never be connected to negative intentions. The death of Trayvon Martin brought to light racist stereotypes connected to African-Americans, when the teen’s hoodie was called “suspicious” by his killer George Zimmerman. By defying stereotypes in the most troublesome moment of the year, the teens have been labeled heroes.

As the group of teens push the car out of the flooded ravine, the cameraman assures her safety. “You good ma’am? We got you though,” the teen is heard is saying. “We [have] to stick together.”

As the death tolls reached 39, fellow Houston natives have tried to help their neighbors any way they can. This included a mattress store owner turning his retail space into a shelter, dozens of boat owners searching for people in flooded homes and celeb natives raising money by the millions.

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