Carmelo Anthony Pleads For Help In Puerto Rico At His First OKC Thunder Press Conference


It’s been over a week since Hurricane Maria hit the commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and the island has yet to receive proper aid from the U.S. government. Unlike victims in Florida and Texas who were also plagued by Mother Nature’s most monstrous storms but is benefitting from nationwide relief efforts, people in Puerto Rico are still stuck inside airports and shelters while they struggle to find food and water.

Although government assistance is reportedly on the way, Latinos around the U.S. are demanding that Donald Trump and the White House speed up the process, including Oklahoma City Thunder’s newest star player Carmelo Anthony.

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“People are afraid,” Anthony said at his first presser of the season (above). “People don’t know what’s going on, and there’s so much going on they don’t know how to feel. I think all we’re looking for is some kind of security blanket. That, at the end of the day, you have our back. And you’re showing that you [Trump] don’t.”

Earlier this week the NBA held its annual Media Day, ahead of the opening pre-season games, which kick off this Saturday (Sept. 30). Instead of wasting time commenting on all the controversy surrounding POTUS and Steph Curry and the Warriors, Anthony took advantage of his inaugural OKC Thunder press conference to plead a case for his native Puerto Rico.

“I’m committed to my island, to help everything. I’m talking to the government officials down there. I’m talking to all these organizations, just trying to figure everything out. I don’t want to just do something just to do it. I want it to be meaningful. I want the people to feel impacted by what I’m trying to do, what I’m trying to create.”

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Anthony also spread the word about his own campaign to help hurricane victims that has already garnered well over $250,000.

He’s not the only celebrity who’s overstepping 45’s minuscule efforts, though. Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez just announced their joint effort Somos Una Voz (We Are One Voice), which is a collaborative venture with Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars to help the island of Puerto Rico get back on their feet.

Pitbull has even lent a helping hand by sending his private plane to transport cancer patients off the island to finally get the treatment they need in the states to survive.