Chance The Rapper Debuts New Song With Daniel Caesar On “The Late Show”

Chance The Rapper debuted a new acoustic rap song on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Monday night (Sept. 25), featuring R&B singer Daniel Caesar.

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The track, which currently doesn’t have a title and was written over the weekend, reflects on the Grammy-winner’s journey as a musician, as well as the life changes that come with success. Naturally, he also rhymes about social issues our country is currently facing, frequently referred to as “first world problems.” He was planning to do an unreleased track from Coloring Book called “Grown A** Kid.”

“I’m just gonna keep rappin’/ and y’all just keep clappin’ and keep actin’ like Flint got clean water/ and y’all don’t got teen daughters and black friends and gay cousins/ y’all just don’t say nothin’ know that the day comin’/ knees bowed, tongues confessin’.”

Lil Chano also sat down with Colbert to discuss how he probably won’t run for the mayor of Chicago, because he wants to separate himself from “entertaining” politics.

“I try and keep my eyes focused on the things that really affect us systemically,” he explained. “I try not to let [politics] phase me.” However, he is continuing to work on his education non-profit SocialWorks, which recently raised and donated $2.2 million to Chicago Public Schools.

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“One of our initiatives this year was ‘support CPS’ [Chicago Public Schools],'” he explained. “One of the things that we did was raise a bunch of money for the ‘New Chance Fund,’ which funds arts and literature programs and all types of things, education-wise, for different schools.”