Beloved Chicago Home From ‘Family Matters’ To Be Demolished & Replaced With Condos


Gentrification has intersected with pop culture this week after it was announced the Chicago home used in the 90’s classic Family Matters would be torn down and replaced with condos.

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DNA Info reports a city permit was approved for the project on Tuesday (Sept. 19). The home on 1516 W. Wrightwood Ave., was featured in the opening credits as the Winslow family home. While the show was shot in California, the home was used to to set up scenes for the characters.

The city previously approved the demolition of the two-story home’s detached garage in April. Coldwell Banker’s Lissa Weinstein shared a statement on behalf of the owners, claiming remodeling the home wasn’t an option. Instead, they will build a three-unit building in its place. They also plan to keep the spirit of the Winslow family alive.

“Prior to purchasing the property, they evaluated whether saving the house was a possibility and ultimately determined renovating the home wasn’t a viable option,” Weinstein. “In honoring the site’s past, they plan to decorate the entry with framed photographs of the original house and the show’s beloved cast.”

This isn’t the first home torn down in the Lincoln Park area. Curbed Chicago mentions the demolition is an occurrence in the city’s transformation to more upscale living spaces.

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