Chicago Hotel Confirms There Is No Footage Of Kenneka Jenkins Walking Into Freezer


The family of Kenneka Jenkins will not see any footage of the 19-year-old in a freezer because it doesn’t exist, bringing more questions than answers in the teen’s death.

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According to CBS News, the news was confirmed Tuesday (Sept. 19) by a spokesperson at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel & Conference Center, where Jenkins was seen before her body was found in a walk-freezer in the early hours of Sept. 10. The teen arrived at the hotel with friends on Sept. 8 and was reported missing the next day.

The spokesperson added that no surveillance cameras are near the kitchen freezer in the hotel. The family’s attorney, Larry Rogers Jr., toured the hotel for an hour to analyze the places Jenkins was seen walking. Time-lapse videos were released to the public last week showing Jenkins possibly intoxicated while walking through the hotel’s halls, elevator and kitchen for an hour.

Jenkins’ mother, Tereasa Martin, has repeatedly stated she doesn’t believe the narrative that her daughter accidentally locked herself in the freezer and caused her own death. “I want to see her literally, actually walking into this freezer,” Martin said last week.

The confirmation about the nonexistent freezer footage refutes the claims Chicago community activist Andrew Holmes made last week. In a press conference, Holmes said Rosemont detectives showed him the video with the teen walking through a kitchen door to the walk-in freezer. The family quickly stated that Holmes didn’t represent the family in any way.

So far, the Rosemont Public Safety Department has spoken to a total of 25 people connected to the incident, including the 16 who were with the teen before she died.

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