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A Trump Voter Is Baffled The President Didn't Call White Supremacists Sons Of B--ches

Hmm, what could possibly be the reason? 

As the president's remarks about the National Anthem continue to cause debate and division in the country, some Donald Trump supporters admittedly are having reservations about their vote. CNN spoke with several Trump backers about the discussion surrounding players who choose to protest police brutality by taking a knee during the National Anthem, and while many found the peaceful demonstration to be disrespectful, most respected an athlete's choice to do it.

"I'm a son and a grandson of veterans and I was always taught that I might not like what you say but I'll defend to the death your right to say it, and that's what the First Amendments about, and that's what this country is about. Do I like them taking a knee during the National Anthem? Personally, no, but that's their choice and their way to protest" panelist and high school teacher Jordan Jacquay said.

The group of five--three men and two women--were divided when asked if they still supported the president. While the women maintained they're satisfied with their vote, the men admitted to having reservations and even regret over their decision. Payton Isner said because Trump is a businessman, he' assumed he'd be able to get the travel ban passed and it "wouldn't be so divisive" along with a healthcare repeal and replace. Mark O'Brien's regret kicked in a bit sooner.

"I think it was the day after inauguration day," O'Brien said. "When he was so concerned about the crowds or lack their of. I was like 'Is that, that important? You're the president. Let's move forward' That probably started my 'what have I done?' "

O'Brien said his reservation became crystallized when Trump refused to call out the alt-right and KKK members who recently marched in protest of the removal of a Confederate statue.

"What I had a concern about, why in the world, and I live a few hours away from Charlottesville, Virginia, he couldn't call the Neo-nazis and white supremacists? Why couldn't he call them sons of b--ches? That's a huge concern of mine, meaning what is really going on in that man's mind?"

When the CNN moderator asked Isner why Trump had harsher language for NFL players exercising their First Amendment right than white supremacists in Charlottesville, Isner simply said he too was "baffled."

Baffled? Really? *Jay Z voice* Okay.

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Florida Judge Clears Record Of Man Who Overslept And Missed Jury Duty

A Florida judge made headlines last week when he sentenced a man to 10 days in jail for oversleeping and missing jury duty. Now, CNN reports the judge has cleared the young man's record.

Judge John Kastrenakes found 21-year-old Deandre Somerville in contempt of court for not showing up to jury duty during a civil trial. Kastrenakes vacated the contempt of court charge and cleared Somerville's record.

The West Palm Beach resident was originally sentenced to 10 days, 150 hours of community service, a written apology of no less than 100 words and $233 in fines. Judge Kastrenakes' decision prompted swift outrage on social media as Sommerville does not have a criminal record.

The judge reportedly reduced the sentence Friday when Sommerville appeared before the court to read the letter. "Before my hearing, I walked into the courtroom a free man with no criminal record. I left a criminal in handcuffs. This was an immature decision that I made, and I paid the price for my freedom," Somerville said while reading his letter.

On Saturday the Judge said Somerville's letter was 'moving, sincere and heartfelt " and noted that he "has been totally rehabilitated."

Kastrenakes said he ordered probation because he wanted to send a message that jury duty is "is serious business deserving of attention, respect, and adherence to their oaths." However, he said Somerville is "a thoughtful and respectful young man."

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A Texas Man Robbed A Bank The Day Before His Wedding To Pay For The Ring

A Texas man has been charged with aggravated robbery for robbing a bank the day before his wedding to pay for the ring and venue.

According to reports, Heath Edward Bumpus approached a bank teller at Citizens State Bank on Saturday (Oct. 4) and said he had a weapon and demanded money, which he left with.

“He basically stated that he was getting married tomorrow so he didn’t have enough money for a wedding ring that he wanted to buy and he needed to pay for the wedding venue,” Sheriff Woody Wallace said.

After learning of the robbery, Wallace posted Bumpus' photo on Trinity County Sherriff’s Facebook page in hopes the public would assist with his capture. In an ironic turn of events, Bumpus' fiancee saw the photo, called him and convinced him to turn himself into authorities.

“His fiancée, who he was supposed to marry tomorrow, was able to get in touch with him on the phone when she saw our post on Facebook. She knew it was him. She contacted him and asked him if he robbed a bank. She convinced him that she knew it was him. His picture was all on Facebook. He needed to turn himself in,” said Wallace in a video posted to his Facebook page.

Wallace said most of the money was returned, along with the clothes he threw out the window of his car and the gun he hid during the robbery.

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NYPD Arrests 24-Year-Old Suspect In Quadruple Homeless Homicide

There appears to be no rhyme or reason behind the vicious attacks on five of New York City's homeless, which has left not only the community but other New Yorkers shaking their heads in dismay.

According to The New York Times, Rudy Rodriguez Santos was arrested and charged in the quadruple homicide, which took place at about 2 AM Saturday (Oct. 5) in the Chinatown section of the city. Authorities have not released the names of the victims but revealed one of them was an 83-years-old man. The fifth victim has been transported to a nearby hospital.

Advocates for the homeless say there's no way to know exactly how many men and women are living on the street, however, in a 2018 tally the number was 3,588, with 62,000 men and women living in shelters.

Blocks away from the scene, police found 24-year-old Santos holding a bloody metal bar. He was reportedly taken into custody without incident.

“The motive appears to be, right now, just random attacks,” Michael Baldassano, the chief of Manhattan South Detectives said. “No one was targeted by race, age, anything of that nature.”

Santos was captured on surveillance footage approaching the area where one of the attacks took place. Another attack was recorded on a security camera. When approached by investigators, Santos identified himself in the video but didn't confess to the crime. He later asked for an attorney.

Tang Wu, a manager of the Forever Health Pharmacy at 2 East Broadway, caught the attacks on his store's camera and was flabbergasted at the callousness of it all.

“They have nowhere to live and you beat them to death,” Wu said. “How terrible.”

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