Officer Draws Gun On A Black Man For Failing To Signal

An unidentified black man has gone viral on social media after posting a video of himself screaming at an officer for drawing his gun on him for failing to use the turn signal.

The video which was posted to WorldStarHipHop, does not show the cop pointing his service weapon at the motorist, but does show the driver angrily questioning the officer as to why drawing his gun was necessary for an infraction as small as not signaling before turning.

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“Do you feel empowered now?” the driver asks.

“No sir,” the officer replied.

While the two-minute video doesn’t offer details on where the encounter took place, or what police department the officer is from, the incident is an eery reminder of many occurrences African-American motorists face on a daily basis. Whether it be the Dayton, Ohio man who was pulled over for making direct eye contact with a cop, or Sandra Bland who also was taken into custody for not signaling before switching lanes and was later found dead in her cell.

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“If you just came to the car and did your regular routine, I would’ve had no issue. I turn around and I see a f**king gun pointed in my face,” the driver shouted.

Watch the video below.