Dave Chappelle & Chris Rock Gear Up For Netflix Stand-Up Debut In New Ad

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Netflix is about to get a whole lot funnier. In preparation for a handful of stand-up comedy specials coming soon, the streaming service debuted a new ad, featuring icons including Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock. The short clip hilariously added comedian’s commentary on other Netflix originally series.

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The nearly 2-minute video features Chappelle, Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, and Ellen Degeneres. With excellent editing skills, Chappelle and Rock stepped into episodes of the popular sci-fi series, Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black to add a pinch of comedy relief. Seinfeld also hops into a scene of House of Cards, while Ellen takes over The Crown.

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It was previously announced that Dave Chappelle signed a deal to do three comedy specials for the site back in Nov. 2016. Rock also signed a $40 million deal for one Netflix special. In addition to their solo contracts, the duo most recently joined forces for Chappelle’s stand-up tour at Radio City Hall. Get ready for Chappelle, Rock, and more coming to a small screen near you very soon.