Bodega Bars: Dave East & V Don Go Mental On New Song, “Bipolar”

If there’s anyone who believes in the vitality of bodegas everywhere, it’s Dave East. In cities like New York, folks rely on their local corner store for everything from the essentials to the best chopped cheeses in the world. Yet there was a time in the Harlem rapper’s life when he treated the bodega more like an office space.

“Bodega, still pitchin’, Molly powder and Dasani make you feel different,” East raps. “Shell shocked, n*ggas’ on you hit the kill switch’n’, Vietnam/Sh*t like it’s ‘Nam over here, you n*gga’s dyin’

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Now that his days of posting up at the bodega are long gone, the “Paranoia” wordsmith decided to take a fresh trip back into his wild past on the song “Bipolar,” premiered by Mass Appeal. With Harlem producer V Don behind the boards, East spits vicious bars over the dark, militant instrumental. He goes from rapping about his troubled past, to letting his young daughter know he’s the realest dad in the world, to bragging about life as a first-class citizen.