DJ Khaled Will Perform A Free Concert For Students At The University Of Wisconsin

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DJ Khaled is gearing up for a free concert at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The hitmaker teamed with Mentos for the #SamHasMentosGum campaign spearheaded by Sam Jeschke, a college freshman at the university.

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In order to score a free concert from Khaled, Jeschke took on an epic 6-day challenge of passing out 43,000 bottles of gum by Wednesday (Sept. 6). “Everybody’s rooting for Sam,” Khaled told VIBE from his home in Beverly Hills, Calif. last week “I know I am.”

Jeschke easily met his goal (a day ahead of schedule), which means Khaled will be taking the stage at UW-Madison’s Kohl Center on Oct. 30, and he promises a “great show.”


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As a longtime fan of Mentos, the hip-hop star jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with the brand. “When they came to me about this challenge I was excited because it’s uplifting,” he explained. “Sam is giving away 43,000 bottles of gum but by him doing that I’ll also be able to perform for him and the entire university. It’s a super blessing.

“I remember when I was going to school — or even when I was coming up in the [music] game — if somebody would’ve given me 43,000 bottles of gum to give away I would’ve loved that! I believe that the more blessings you give away, the more you get back.”

And the experience could inspire Jeschke to take on more challenges, Khaled pointed out. “I just think it’s going to be great, it’s going to get him to be inspired. This might transpire into something else that he may be studying in school. Accomplishing a goal should always inspire you. When someone challenges you and you accept, that’s a big win.”

Khaled knows a thing or two about working hard to meet a goal. His Grateful album recently earned platinum status, and produced two No. 1 hit singles (“Wild Thoughts” led by Rihanna and Bryson Tiller, and “I’m the One” featuring Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne, Quavo, and Justin Bieber). The success of his music, and his social media following, have put Khaled’s career into overdrive. And he’ll soon take his talents to the world of film and television. “I’m hustling and setting goals everyday,” he shared. “I’m a father, so  I love spending every second of the day with my son and my queen [fiancée Nicole Tuck], and my friends and family, and just working hard. It’s so much I want to do and I push myself to make sure I do it. God is great, so it’s on us to accomplish what we want to accomplish.”

As for Khaled’s greatest accomplishment? His adorable son, Asahd, who will celebrate his first birthday on Oct. 23.

“We’re working on plans for my son’s birthday. I obviously plan to invite family and friends, but we want to do it special,” he revealed adding that a “petting zoo” could be on the party menu.“Anything to make my son have joy, but also have [photos] when he grows up. These moments, and pictures, of all of us together I think it’ll be beautiful.”

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