Watch EarthGang’s Symbolic Scenes In Their Intriguing “Meditate” Video (Feat. J.I.D)

Shortly after announcing their deal with J.Cole’s Dreamville label, Atlanta natives EarthGang released a brand new EP titled, Rags, as well as the music visuals to the J.I.D-assisted single, “Meditate.”

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In the gripping video Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot — collectively known as EarthGang — and label mate J.I.D are seen rapping through clips of many symbolic scenes that represent evils like corporate greed, police violence and mental slavery.

Three men dressed in pinstriped jail suits with shackles on their ankles are seen escaping from a wretched place that looks like a nineteenth century plantation. As the scenes change, EarthGang can be seen walking through the streets as police search for the escapees.

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Other scenes include: blind folded white men brandishing guns as well as a consuming clip of Johny Venus hanging from an American flag, which is a symbolism of lynching in America.

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“Jail house don’t ever close/And my world view was always shut/Trap spot was always bunkin’/Neighborhood was always crunk/See I was outside riskin’ snakes eyes/With my life chances, stakes high/Only outlet was the moon walk/Michael Jackson dances, so shuck and/jive, nigga, bust a nine/Shoot behind the line, my only advances/USA eat me like a cancer/UK eat me like a cancer/Gettin’ money and they tag the crib,” raps Venus.

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Rags is the follow-up to 2016’s Torba EP. EarthGang is already working on their forthcoming effort Mirror Land.