Premiere: Elujay And Joyce Wrice Want To Know If It’s All “Worth It”

Oakland’s Elujay is barely old enough to purchase an adult beverage in America, but the young artist’s music proves that he’s wise beyond his years. Teaming with another rising West Coast singer Joyce Wrice, the rapper/singer debuts the airy cut “Worth It” today (Sept 17) on VIBE.

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From his forthcoming project Avnt-Gard, the collaboration is equal parts soothing hip-hop soul and pure talent with a dash of romance.

“I was a visual artist before I made music and I wanted to show the abstractions of music,” Elujay explained of the direction of Avnt-Gard. “I wanted to make songs that weren’t traditional because that’s what avant garde is loosely based around, the idea of being abstract and non contemporary, so that was why I named it that. Also, I feel like a lot of music nowadays isn’t focused on the art aspect anymore, it’s overshadowed by image and persona. I want people to understand the importance of art.”

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Back in August, Elujay released “Streamin” with Chris McClenney.