Former NYPD Cop Will Serve Five Years In Prison For Sex Trafficking Charges


A former NYPD officer is sentenced to serving five years in prison after running a prostitution ring, and submitting a 16-year-old girl into his illegal business, reports the New York Daily News.

Reportedly, Eduardo Conejo was still employed by the NYPD when he started pimping at least 10 women; including the 16-year-old, according to Brooklyn federal prosecutors.

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The 35-year-old said he allegedly didn’t know the young lady was underage, but he pleaded guilty to conspiring to engage in sex trafficking of a child.

Canejo’s lawyer, Michael Padden defended his client by saying it was “more a collaborative effort,” rather than simply being a “pimp.” He was fired from the NYPD after 11 years of service for marijuana use in January of 2016; he worked as a street narcotics officer. He also served in the Marine Corps.

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“I understand the seriousness of my crime and I don’t take it lightly at all,” Cornejo said in court.