Prime Minister Gaston Browne Says Barbuda Is “Barely Habitable” Following Hurricane Irma

The Atlantic Ocean continues to brew devastating hurricanes this season, conjuring up Hurricane Irma’s destructive path upon Caribbean nations. According to ABC News, the natural disaster has ravaged countries like Antigua, Puerto Rico, and Barbuda, which Prime Minister Gaston Browne said is “barely habitable” since the hurricane’s landfall on Wednesday (Sept. 6).

The Category 5 storm demolished houses and other properties, flattening areas of the Leeward island while, according to Browne, other areas of Barbuda are still underwater. “When you have an unprecedented storm like this that comes with such significant wind force this is like having a bomb literally thrown on a city,” he said.

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The storm also resulted in the death of a toddler who drowned as his mother attempted to find shelter away from the hurricane’s strength. As Hurricane Irma (now a Category 4 storm) passed through Puerto Rico, St. Martin, and Barbuda, 10 people have died. It’s headed for Turks and Caicos, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, and South Florida, prompting a wave of evacuations.

Barbuda houses a population of nearly 1,600 people and its highest point above sea level stands at 125 feet.

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To donate, visit the Barbuda Relief Effort organization here.