Hurricane Irma May Force 400,000 Miami-Dade County Residents To Evacuate


Hurricane Irma could potentially force up to 100,000 people to evacuate Miami-Dade County, reports ABC News. Mayor Carlos Gimenez also told Good Morning America that the natural disaster isn’t like anything he’s seen in the past. “We are also praying that it doesn’t come our way,” he added.

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The Category 5 storm, has already made landfall on Puerto Rico, heading towards the north coast of the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Reportedly, at 5 a.m., it has sustained winds of 180 mph. It’s predicted that the storm will cause massive rain throughout the Hispaniola island. According to the National Weather Service, residents may receive 3-5 feet of precipitation.

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Reportedly, the storm has claimed the lives of 10 people during its time in the Caribbean. Now, it’s headed towards South Florida. Monroe County and Miami Dade County’s Zone A and B have been issued a mandatory evacuation alert. Those areas include Miami Beach and Key Biscayne. Monroe covers the Florida Keys.

In an effort to help ease the situation, Miami-Dade County also gave several supermarkets and gas stations power generators in case their electricity goes due to the storm. In total, Miami-Dade County has about 27 million residents. So far, 150,000 people have been mandated to evacuate.

Gimenez, who’s a retired firefighter, asserts that the city will be well equipped for what’s to come.