J J Watt’s Harvey Relief Effort Surpasses $17 Million Because JJ Watt Is That Dude

Last Sunday, J J Watt launched an online fundraiser to help victims affected by Hurricane Harvey. The Houston Texan defensive end set an attainable goal of $200,000, by Friday (Sept. 1) Watt’s $200,000 goal had long been met as donations surpassed $17 million. Now a new goal of $20 million has been set.

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Watt’s took to social media this weekend to thank everyone for their support and to also give people an update on where the money was going.

Watt said the day he launched the website it crashed and they couldn’t get it back up.

“The initial night, we broke the site, we couldn’t figure out how to get it back up and we somehow found the CEO’s phone number and called him at his house and got him out of bed,” Watt told CNN’s Anderson Cooper  “He helped us fix the site and it got rolling.”

A few notable names that have also donated are Arnold Schwartzenegger who gave $100,000 and Drake who gave $200,000. Watt said he already has a plan in place to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

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“My first phase is what I’m doing is this weekend, my teammates and I have semi-trucks rolling in from out of town that we filled up,” Watt told CNN’s AC360. “We have about nine semi-trucks that are going to come to town. And we have those all filled with stocks, supplies, water, food, clothing, everything. So, we’re going to give that out this weekend.”I’m not just here for the initial fundraiser,” Watt later added. “I’m here to make sure that we take care of you down the road.”