Jidenna To Trump: “You Know You Done F**ked Up, Right?”

Donald Trump’s scorching comments about protesters choosing to kneel during the National Anthem sparked outrage from citizens, athletes and entertainers. During a rally Friday (Sept. 22) Trump called any protester not standing during the Star Spangled Banner a “son of a bitch” and wished NFL coaches and owners fired players for exercising their rights. While many took to social media over the weekend to voice their frustration with the president’s comments, Jidenna seemed to find humor in the situation.

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“You know you done f**ked up, right” Jidenna said laughing. “You don’t think the blackest–ass f**king sports, you don’t pick the NFL and NBA. You should’ve picked hockey or golf. You can’t start a war with people. The athletes today are wiser than ever, stronger than ever they make more money than ever, and you’re going to go after us?”

Several well-known figures who have spoken out against Trump’s divisive statements include Stevie Wonder, who kneeled right before his performance at New York’s Global Citizen festival, LeBron James and Reggie Bush. Former Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis was seen kneeling at Sunday’s London game against the Jacksonville Jaguars but many online viewed the act as disingenuous. J.Cole, who tends to stay away from social media, also took to Twitter Sunday to offer a solution for Kapernick.

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Jidenna continued his rant by honoring those brave enough to kneel, and said that Trump may actually live up to his campaign slogan.

“I’m so proud of the soldiers and comrades. I’m proud of what Colin Kaepernick has done in being a trailblazer. I’m proud of what I’m hearing athletes, players and coaches are doing right now. It’s remarkable,” Jidenna said. “This motherf**ker is going to make America great again inadvertently, he’s not even doing it on purpose. That’s the byproduct, motherf**ker. It’s physics. Every action causes an equal an opposite reaction, motherf**ker!”