Joel Osteen “I’m At Peace With Taking The Heat For Being Pre Cautious”


When it was discovered that Joel Osteen’s place of worship was closed during Hurricane Harvey, many took to social media to blast the senior pastor of Lakewood Church. T.I. went as far as to call the 54-year-old a “fraud” on Instagram for not opening the doors to help those affected by the tropical storm.

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Osteen however doesn’t seem to care about the bad press he and his church are experiencing at the moment. During a recent sermon, Osteen said the Texas church, which seats a little over 16.000 and use to house the Houston Rockets, experienced flooding on its own.

During a recent sermon Osteen addressed the controversy and said he’s okay with taking the heat for his perceived selfish actions.

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“If we had opened the building earlier and someone was injured or perhaps its flooded and people lost their lives, that would be a whole different story,” Osteen said to a packed crowd. “I’m at peace with taking the heat for being pre cautious, but I don’t want to take the heat for being foolish. It’s easy for people to make judgments from a distance without having all the information. Some people that don’t know the facts don’t want to know the facts.”

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