Premiere: Keffaleng Sets The Vibe On New Song, “Been High”

VIBE alumni Keffaleng has a new song for the stoners and all folks who are just looking for a wavy vibe in general. Set to be included on his forthcoming as-of-yet titled project in October, the Toronto native debuts the final installment of his 4:20 friendly trilogy with “Been High.”

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“I was in the studio listening to my songs “Stay High” and “Still High,” off my first EP Still Shanti with my boys,” says Keffaleng about how the song came to fruition. “Once we finished listening to them I yelled out “I stay high, I’m still high and I’ve been high!” As soon as I said that, I knew it was time to make the 3rd installment [laughs].”

Stay tuned for more updates on the artist’s new project.

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