History In The Making: Kenan Thompson Becomes Longest-Running ‘SNL’ Cast Member

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After spending 14 years on Saturday Night Live’s roster, sketch comedy mainstay Kenan Thompson will make history as the series’ longest-running cast member. In an interview with CBS, the 39-year-old shared his thoughts on surpassing comedian Darrell Hammond’s run, which spanned from 1995 to 2009, Blavity notes.

“I guess I’m indirectly making sure of it. Supposedly I’ll break it once we start the season, so I don’t have any control over it,” he said. “It’s insane to think about. But Darrell will always be the king, doing voice overs. It’ll always be his show. I love Darrell.”

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The prominent entertainer also touched upon a new show he’s creating called Skoogle. It’ll run on the same premise of Thompson’s introduction to entertainment, All That.

“We pitched it around so we’re trying to have someone make a deal for it. It’s still in the air, but it looks like it’s going to land pretty strong so we’ll find out what’s going on with that in the next couple weeks,” he said. “It’s going to be similar to ‘All That’: a bunch of sketches and musical guests. I’m working with my buddy Josh Server, who used to be on ‘All That,’ and my writing partner Mason Garden. He invented SlamBall and he is a producer as well.”

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SNL’s season 43 premieres on Sept. 30 with guest host Ryan Gosling and performer JAY-Z.