Lala Anthony Issues Urgent PSA For Puerto Rico Amid Hurricane Maria


Four days after Hurricane Maria wrecked havoc on the island of Puerto Rico, pleas for help have continued. With resources dwindling by the day, Lala Anthony has joined the list of Puerto Rican celebrities raising awareness for immediate relief.

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” I can’t do it alone so I’m asking for your help,” she said in a PSA uploaded to her Instagram on Sunday  (Sept. 24). Like many others, the Power actress mentioned that she hasn’t heard from her family since the storm hit last week. “My family is there and I’m worried,” she said. [But,] I’m hoping and praying that everyone is doing okay.”

Anthony has teamed up with United for Puerto Rico, an initiative launched by First lady of Puerto Rico, Beatriz Rosselló to help victims of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane María. “[Please] continue to help us spread the word to help our sisters and brothers in need,” she captioned the video with prayers for Mexico.

In addition to relief efforts, officials have urged those living by the Guajatca Dam to relocate after it was reported that the Category 5 storm left the dam damaged. “Right now, as it stands, a couple of hours after I went through Isabela, part of the dam did break it is releasing water,” Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló told CNN Sunday. “And that dam is partly concrete, partly soil. So as water runs through, erosion starts having its toll on the dam and my concern is at some point it’ll break.”

With cell towers down many residents outside of San Juan left in unwanted isolation. The storm may have passed, but Rosselló pressed Congress to send more resources and repeatedly stated the dire need of assistance. “We still need some more help. This is clearly a critical disaster in Puerto Rico,” he said. “It can’t be minimized and we can’t start overlooking us now that the storm passed, because the danger lurks.”

The Transportation Department has opened five airports in Puerto Rico, for military and relief efforts. The Port of San Juan remains open during the day for operation. The Washington Post adds supplies like food and water have been send from Florida and Kentucky through a ship. The Defense Logistics Agency is also sending 124,000 gallons of diesel fuel to the island.

Find out how you can help the island of Puerto Rico here.

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