No, Lil Wayne’s Seizures Were Not Caused By Drugs

Lil Wayne was reportedly hospitalized earlier this week, after suffering from several seizures. Following the news, Twitter erupted in a debate about the possible causes of his medical emergency. Many fans immediately jumped to assumptions that his drug use had something to do with it. But according to TMZ, doctors suggest that Weezy’s “no days off” attitude had  finally caught up with him.

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Sources say Tunechi’s lack of sleep, paired with his touring schedule and eating patterns resulted in the series of seizures. According to sources close to TMZ, the rapper was running on no sleep at all. Insiders also say that the attack had nothing to do with lean whatsoever, according to TMZ.

Wayne was reportedly released from the hospital earlier Tuesday afternoon (Sept. 5). And although his daughter, Reginae Carter updated fans, letting them know that her dad was doing “fine,” doctors have reportedly advised Tunechi to take at least two weeks off to recover. Lil Wayne’s upcoming Vegas show was already cancelled due to his hospitalization, but upon doctors’ request, the rapper will be bed-ridden until Sept. 23.

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Lil Wayne reportedly has a history with seizures and epilepsy. In 2016, Wayne’s private jet was forced to make two emergency landings after he suffered from multiple seizures in the air. He also had a similar incident in 2013.

Although many people have drawn assumptions about his medical situation, Wayne has remained fairly quiet. “It’s just a private matter that I’ve been dealing with my whole life. We’re so used to it happening, so my doctors prepped all my homies,” he previously told Jimmy Kimmel.

Hopefully Tunechi will take this R&R time to get some sleep and fully recover.

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