Maxo Kream And Lil Uzi Vert Head To “Mars” On Their New Track

H-Town’s Maxo Kream premiered a Lil Uzi Vert collaboration on OVO Sound Radio this past weekend. The track is drugged out trip that starts in Houston and ends all the way on the East Coast in North Philly with Uzi’s piercing verse.

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“Mixing the lean with alcohol/Popping the beans with Adderall/Chopping a brick like martial law/Flipping that b—h like summer sauce/Xannies I pop like Tylenol/Cooking a pot like stroganoff/She gave me neck when I met her/She gave the crewneck like a sweater,” spits the Kream Clicc rapper on the track.

Maxo has a number of tour dates set for for the fall — his full schedule is available here.