Missouri Woman Says Someone Threw A Piece Of Fried Chicken In Her Car While Driving


Alexis Newsome was driving home from school in St. Louis County, Mo., when suddenly, a piece of fried chicken was thrown through an open window landing inside her car, The Root reports.

Newsome said she was waiting in a turn-only lane on Tuesday afternoon (Sept. 26) when suddenly a red pickup truck, which was headed in the opposite direction, charged at her with the piece of meat. At first, she thought it was an egg, and said if she hadn’t accelerated fast enough it could’ve hit her in the face.

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In an emotional Facebook video, Newsome described what she went through and the racist underlying tone of this heinous occurrence.

“I don’t want to have to explain this to my 5-year-old. This is not fair,” she said. “I was scared. I almost crashed into the car next to me. … I want people to understand what this feels like, what it’s like. It’s not easy living in this brown skin.”

“I almost swerved and hit the car next to me,” she continued. “A piece of fried chicken was thrown through my window; there is only one way to take this. This implies so much negative connotation.”

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Though Newsome doesn’t have evidence other than being able to recollect that the chicken was thrown from a red pickup truck, she said that Missouri Police remained very helpful when she reported the crime.

According to the RiverFront Times, local authorities are doing the best they can to bring justice to the matter. “We are checking with restaurants in the area in hopes there may be video surveillance which could prove useful,” Manchester Police Sgt. Ed Skaggs told the paper.  “At this time we don’t have much to go on.”