Trump’s Administration Turns Their Back On Omarosa, Labels Her Most “Despised” Person In The White House

Communications director and former reality star Omarosa Manigault has won the loyalty of Donald Trump, but has reportedly wrecked havoc on her White House peers.

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In a report by the Daily Beast released Wednesday (Sept. 13), the former Apprentice star has been deemed the most “despised” person in the White House. Sources in and out of the White House claim Omarosa is isolated after many instances where she interfered with internal meetings and spread gossip throughout the West Wing. “She doesn’t have any friends in high places—except the one place [where] it matters,” a Republican official said in regards to her longtime friendship with Trump.

Omarosa’s friendship with Trump is what many sources believe is the only reason she has a position in the Oval. As the director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison, Omarosa has tried to bridge the gap between the administration’s relationship with the African-American community, a mission that’s hit some rough waves. Her work ethic was also brought up by sources, who claim she does little to help resolve problems.

“She would come and bring up random, off-topic stuff,” a source said. “She would raise issues and never have a solution.” Prior to his resignation, Press Secretary Spicer made sure keep her communication with Trump brief by having her office outside of the West Wing. She was also placed on a “no-fly” aide list by chief of staff John Kelly when it comes to serious meetings.

Omarosa makes earns $179,700 annually–the top rate for White House employees. Despite the constant blockades by the staff, sources don’t see Omarosa leaving the administration anytime soon. Trump still uses his personal phone to keep in contact with his inner circle, which includes Omarosa.

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