Rihanna Comically Responds To “Fans” Not Knowing Her Last Name


Rihanna’s equally successful beauty and fashion brands bare her last name, but some fans seemed to lack the most basic fun fact about the singer.

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The dull shocker seemed to reveal itself on social media Tuesday (Sept. 19), with some fans having the eureka moment. Sites like Marie Claire and People helped bring attention to the mishap happening in wypio Twitter land. The entertainer’s makeup line as well as her collaboration with Puma bare her last name; Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

Jokes soon followed, with Rihanna stands wishing distance between them and the perplexed.

Rihanna jumped in on the fun via her Instagram account Friday (Sept. 22) with a joke of her own. The singer posted a few photos from her recent appearance in Paris wearing Fenty Beauty.

Well played, Riri.

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