Steve Harvey Regrets Meeting With Trump, Says Obama Encouraged It


Remember when Steve Harvey famously met with Donald Trump earlier this year and spent several weeks thereafter caping for the racist, xenophobic business tycoon who is now the leader of the free world? Well, Harvey now says he should have listened to his wife and skipped the meeting altogether, according to a recent sit-down with The Hollywood Reporter.

The veteran comic and television host discussed his new TV show, that leaked staff memo from hell and his buffoonery of a meeting with 45. “It was so vicious that it really threw me,” he told THR of the backlash he underwent in the aftermath of it all. “I was being called names that I’ve never been called: Uncle Tom. A coon. A sellout. Because I went to see this man?!”


Harvey went on to explain he only took the meeting because his business partner got a call from the Obama transition team, who said that the Trump transition team would like to set up a meeting. “The Obama team said they thought it would be a good idea because the president is encouraging dialogue.”


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He added, “I have a relationship with Obama. We’re friends. So I say, ‘OK, cool.’ Now, here’s the crazy thing: I’m supposed to be on a boat for my 60th birthday, so my wife says, ‘Steve, just take off [and skip the meeting]. You’ll meet with him some other time.’ God, I should’ve listened.”

No s**t.

Harvey also touched on Hillary Clinton, admitting to Trump in their meeting that he didn’t vote for him and campaigned hard for his opponent. “The problem was that we made a lot of mistakes in the campaign. We were playing checkers and y’all was playing chess,” he said. “But now that you’re here, you’re the 45th president and I’m going to help you.”


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Harvey then said to Trump, “You’ve appointed Ben Carson as the head of Housing and Urban Development, and I’ve got keys to a lot of cities around this country from the years of performing that I’ve done. I can get an ear to them really quick and find out what their real needs are. Y’all keep closing schools in the cities. Why don’t we take those schools that are closing, put some HUD money in them and reopen them as vision centers and teach STEM and computers and coding? If you connect me with Ben Carson, I can help him with that.”

Harvey has met twice with Carson at HUD to put plans in motion, but hasn’t seen or heard from Trump since their encounter.

Congratulations, you played yourself.