Sylvan LaCue Releases His Picturesque “Selfish” Video

The versatile Sylvan LaCue is putting the gears in motion for his forthcoming Apologies in Advance EP. Following his Far From Familiar project, released last April, the 305-raised rapper dove heavy in producing his own material and aims to showcase his evolving art with the world.

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Today (Aug. 14), LaCue debuts his latest solo video, “Selfish,” which features the emcee strolling around his own field of dreams.

“[This song] came from a ‘lesson learned’ place. I had to realize that there’s great power in being selfish and taking time for yourself. Yes, be giving. Yes, care for others. But not at the sake of your own sanity. I’ve always had that issue, putting myself last. Being selfish allowed me to begin to take care of myself so I can take care of others accordingly,” says Sylvan about the record.

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“Selfish” is available on Apple Music now.

Directed by Jonathan Benavente.