The Cool Kids Release Long Awaited ‘Special Edition Grand Master Deluxe’ Album

The Cool Kids’ die hard fans pleaded for this project to happen, and now the wait is finally over. After 6 long years, Sir Michael Rocks and Chuck Inglish have released their new album, Special Edition Grand Master Deluxe. The 16-track LP features A-Trak, Jeremih, Smoke DZA, Syd, Travis Barker, Hannibal Buress, Ye Ali, Boldy James and more.

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Fans can grab the long awaited projecton iTunes now.

Billboard recently spoke to the duo about their reunion and new project.

What’s the reception been like from fans now that you’re back together?
Mikey Rocks: It’s been great. The energy at the shows has been crazy. I think people can see that we are rocking together, so that makes them like it more. They can sort of feel it on us, like it’s time. We feel their energy when we’re up there. The AfroPunk Festival was crazy too. We went on during the middle of the day, which is usually semi-early, but we had it lined up down the field. It was one of the most packed stages I saw.

What inspired you to change the title from Shark Week to Special Edition Grandmaster Deluxe?
Chuck Inglish: This is our special offering right now. We haven’t in our head ever made an album from scratch. Everything has always been best case scenario for the situation. Even though people received them really well, this is our first real album. We started recording last in 2016 around this time.

You both had solo projects you were working on before getting back together. Are those going to stay in the vault for now?
Chuck Inglish: My solo project is definitely way less of a rap album. Not taking anything away from it, but I don’t feel like doing it right now. To be like a musical opus, that didn’t feel like something we should do. The solo was a way to stay alive while we couldn’t be The Cool Kids. You’ve got to grow up to grow together. Now It’s appreciated and time for this.

Mikey Rocks: We were going through things with our team that wouldn’t allow us to put out music together. So what am I going to do, stop putting out music? Nah, I’d die if I stopped making music. I’d lose my mind. It was a means to an end that we used to further ourselves and keep our skills sharp while things worked themselves out.

What do you hope fans get out of this album?
Chuck Inglish: I want a whole new world to open up. I want it to be like when I heard [N.E.R.D.’s 2001 album] In Search Of… when I was in college — people completely switched their way of thinking. The album will bring more people out until we’re in control. You’re better off with us in control, trust me. If we’re the ones making the decisions for cultural shit that matters, nobody cares more than us.

I have a whole other scientific reason for caring. This isn’t a way to make my dreams come true. My motivation is completely different. It’s to walk up and down these streets and know when people are smiling at each other, that came from me. I want people to work in complete unison because of something I’ve done.

ReadD the full interview at Billboard.