Someone Asked Tomi Lahren For A Selfie Just To Call Her Out On Racism


A man tricked political pundit Tomi Lahren into taking a selfie with him, only to record himself asking her about what it feels like to be a “racist piece of sh*t.” She smiled and continued to walk away.

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According to the young man’s post about the video on Reddit, it was recorded about a month ago in NYC.

“‘Hey you wanna take a picture with me, huge fan!’ and then the rest was history,”he wrote of the encounter. “Fun to call her out and the silence that ensued after is unforgettable. Hopefully she has to wear a little bigger hat next time walking around NYC.”

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In his comments, he also said that “Racism isn’t an opposing opinion, it’s a ‘cancer’ and its proprietors need to know there is no place for it,” and that people such as Lahren are “aiding in the normalization of Trumps [sic] rhetoric.”

We salute you.

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