Premiere: Torii Wolf’s Eye-Catching “Big Big Trouble” Video (Prod. By DJ Premier)

Torii Wolf is a musical talent motivated by pure passion and emotion when it comes to crafting songs. First introduced to the rap blogosphere through the undisputed king of the scratch, DJ Premier, the singer now has the ears of the world as the two prepare to release her debut album, Flow Riiot.

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Today (Sept. 6), Torii debuts an eye-catching video for the project’s single “Big Big Trouble,” which evokes all the primal instincts our brains can produce when we see something we need to have.

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“Creating a visual for this record was very special for me. It was really important to visually emulate the juxtaposition of love and lust in an animalistic way,” says Torii about the music video. “The way that a female spider eats their lover is similar to the feeling of being lustfully consumed by another human. The video both conveys and captures the underlying emotion of knowing that you’re going to catch your prey before they do, and knowing what you’re capable of doing to them.”

“’Big Big Trouble’ is a song that was created after we were already done with the album,” DJ Premier stated. “I started playing around with the ‘Uh-Oh’ scratch, which set a foreboding tone—you know trouble is coming! Torii immediately gravitated to it. The Papoose scratch made it all complete for the lyrics to spill onto the track.”

Flow Riiot is set for release on Sept. 29 through DJ Premier’s TTT (To The Top) imprint.


Tracklist for Torii Wolf’s Flow Riiot
1.) “Everlasting Peace” (produced by DJ Premier)
2.) “Meant To Do” (produced by DJ Premier)
3.) “1st” (produced by DJ Premier)
4.) “Big Big Trouble” (produced by DJ Premier)
5.) “Body” (Produced by araabMUZIK)
6.) “”I’d Wait Forever And A Day For You” (produced by DJ Premier)
7.) “Take It Up On Monday” (Produced by King Of Chill)
8.) “Go From Here” (produced by DJ Premier)
9.) “Shadows Crawl” (produced by DJ Premier)
10.) “Nobody Around” (produced by DJ Premier)
11.) “You’re Not There” (Produced by King Of Chill)
12.) “Where We Belong” (produced by DJ Premier)
13.) “Free” f/ Macklemore & DJ Premier (Produced by King Of Chill)
14.) “Pain Killer” (Produced by Mike Zombie)
15.) “Moscow” (Produced by Torii Wolf)

Executive produced by DJ Premier and Ian Schwartzman
Photography and artwork by Amanda and Jaxon Demme