Vic Mensa Trips Out In “Rollin’ Like a Stoner” Video


Vic Mensa is enjoying the thrills of Mary Jane in the visuals for “Rollin’ Like A Stoner,” the latest cut from The Autobiography.

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“The video is about reckless abandon & escapism,” Mensa said in a press release. “The whole thing was filmed on a stage, as a comment on life as an entertainer. I was watching films like Bye Bye Life and Birdman, and 1920s westerns.”

Embodying 90’s special effects, the rapper begins his trip on motorcycle and later in a convertible headed nowhere. Before he lands in middle of a theater, the lone Chicago native sneaks in a piece of nostalgia and an image of himself with horns. The uproarious single may bring plenty of misfits to rap mosh pits but underneath the track lies Vensa pouring out his insecurities, an act that keeps him respected amongst his fans.

The video comes about a month before he heads out on the road with Jay-Z for The 4:44 Tour.

Spark up and take a mind-altering ride with Mensa below.