Wendy Williams Responds To Reports Of Husband’s Decade-Long Affair

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Talk show host Wendy Williams is addressing rumors regarding her husband Kevin Hunter’s alleged 10-year long affair with Sharina Hudson, a 32-year-old massage therapist. Williams and Hunter have been married for nearly 20 years.

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“I stand by my guy,” she said during her long-running show The Wendy Williams Show on Tuesday (Sept. 26), according to Page Six. She also said she felt “weird” doing hot topics “and being a hot topic.”

The rumor is that Hunter and Hudson have a house together just “nine miles down the road” from the home he shares with Williams, and they have shared the home for nearly a decade. There were also incriminating photos of the alleged couple’s “shared” mailbox.

“We commuted together this morning,” Williams explained to the audience on Tuesday’s show. “The paparazzi were outside catching me in the cutest négligée…all is well in Hunterville. Don’t believe the hype.”

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She said that people can believe what they want, as she flashed her wedding ring to the audience. In a separate statement, her rep said “One plus one does not equal three. This woman is a friend but there is no ‘there’ there.”