50 Cent Celebrates No Longer Having To Pay Child Support For His Oldest Son

The relationship between 50 Cent and his oldest son Marquise remains prickly at best. While the Power executive producer and actor seemingly has a loving relationship with his youngest son Sire, Fif and Marquise continue to be at odds.

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Tuesday (Oct. 10) Fif took to Instagram to celebrate no longer having to pay child support for his soon to be 20-year-old son.


“Child support release party Friday 13, Club Lust 1:00 AM Happy Hour drinks on me,” Fif captioned. “Tom petty is alive! Ladies with no kids, free admission.  Ladies who didn’t collect child support, free admission.”

It didn’t take long for Marquise to catch wind of his father’s child support celebration taking place on his birthday. But as the old saying goes, Marquise–who bears a striking resemblance to his dad–proved the apple doesn’t fall far from the petty tree.


“Damn, only if your new TV show was this funny,” Marquise responded.

Marquise referenced 50 Central, 50 Cent’s new sketch comedy show which airs on BET Wednesday nights. Nemesis Irv Gotti, creator of BET’s Tales took to Instagram a few weeks back to allege the comedy series debuted with the lowest ratings for BET all year.

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“Let it be known. 50 Central was the worst premiered show in BET all year,” Gotti captioned in a now deleted Instagram post. “Both that and the show before it combined to be the worst premieres for BET all year.”

Happy Wednesday, good people.