Barack Obama Unknowingly Takes Part In The “First Of All” Challenge At NJ Rally


On Thursday (Oct. 19), Barack Obama was met with pleas for a third term in New Jersey while campaigning for Phil Murphy. In a roundabout way, the cheery moment allowed Obama to take part in the hilarious “first of all” challenge.

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For his first campaign appearance in the off-year election, Obama spoke to a crowd in Newark about Murphy would help the state more forward with promise. As one of only two gubernatorial elections (the other in Virginia), Obama’s presence was a strong co-sign for Murphy and the Democratic party.

But before Obama dropped wisdom on the crowd, he was welcomed with the desired wish of a third term. While we all know this is impossible, it hasn’t stopped the wishes from getting tossed into the universe.

“[Let me begin] First of all, I will refer you both to the Constitution as well as to Michelle Obama to explain why that will not happen,” Obama said between the applause. He later spoke on the importance of voting and while never mentioning Trump’s name, denounced the practice of baiting the public with fear.

“In 19 days, the world is going to be looking at New Jersey,” he said. “In 19 days, the world is going to look and see what kind of politics we believe in. We are rejecting the politics of division, we are rejecting the politics of fear.”

We’re sure the former POTUS has no clue what the “first of all” challenge is but hey, we can also dream. This week, social media users (cough, Black Twitter) dropped #FirstOfAll tweets with scenarios that could happen in school, work and everywhere in between.

You some out below and Obama’s speech in full, here.

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