Ben Carson: ‘Rich People, Poor People, We’re All In The Same Boat’

Ben Carson, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, is no stranger to a questionable comment. Whether he’s explaining his belief that slaves were “voluntary immigrants” or he implies that poverty, to a large extent, is merely a “state of mind,” you never know what head-scratching sentiment he’ll utter next.

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While speaking at an event for hurricane relief, Carson discussed how his agency (HUD) has been helping those who have been displaced in Puerto Rico due to the recent natural disasters. He also implied that no matter what our economic situation is, we’re “all in the same boat.”

“Rich people, poor people, people in the middle, we’re all in the same boat,” he said. “We need to stop engaging in the class warfare stuff…if part of the boast sinks, the rest of the boat is going down, too.”

Carson also discussed how the devastation on the island will take “between one and 100″ years to rebuild.

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“We will be there until the conclusion, which will be years from now,” he said. “Housing is devastated, so we’re looking at ways that we can speed the recovery along.”

His “same boat” comments were made around the 22-minute mark.