Bibi Bourelly Remembers Being Immaturely In Love On “Skeletons”

Bibi Bourelly is only 23-years-old, but the Def Jam artist pens songs as if she’s been on earth longer than fifty years. We’re not complaining, either. Who doesn’t enjoy a new record from Bibi?

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The “Ballin'” songtress unleashed a new track today titled, “Skeletons.” Over crying guitar strings, the German songwriter isn’t shameful to admit that she wants her ex-beau back (Come holler at me, Bibi. I’ll treat you right).

Last year, VIBE spoke with Bourelly at the Youtube studios in New York City where she talked about her passion for music.

“I learned the language of music the same way a child picks up on English. Or whatever their mother’s language is. It was around me. And when a child randomly says, ‘momma or dada?’ That’s what happened to me. I just started doing it. It was just in me, and I started speaking that language.”

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Earlier this year, the songwriter released her Boy (In Studio) EP.

Listen to “Skeletons” below.