Bomba Estereo Aim To Unite The World In “Internacionales” (Watch)

Bomba Estereo are promoting the complex concept that we’re all one human race, and that all of our origins intertwine, in the latest visual for “Internacionales,” a single off their new recently released album Ayo.

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Trapped in a seemingly mundane North American suburb, a woman of Anglo-Saxon descent is gifted with a pair of roller skates that allow her to go on a trip throughout the world from the Colombian band’s lead singer, Liliana Saumet.

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Through a montage of various locations across the world made up of raw street alleys in South America; desolate desserts with camels in the Middle East; and colorful food infused streets in East Asia—you see the video’s protagonist racing on a journey to experience all these different cultures.

During these turbulent sociopolitical times, the band’s creative efforts to  unite the world and its inhabitants is crucial.

Watch the video above.