Boogie Highlights His Struggles On The “Come Up”


Boogie is breathing new life into this still burgeoning music career. Since inking a deal with Eminem’s Shady Records, the Compton-bred has been making appearances on radio shows, dropping bombs with off-the-top of the head sixteens.

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This morning, the “Oh My” rapper stopped by Sway’s ‘Sway the Morning’ where he caught a wave with a mean freestyle session. After revealing that he’s working on new project, Boogie gave Sway an exclusive record with “Come Up,” where Boog’ remembers his humble beginnings.

“Remember me? Back when I was staying at my girl’s pad/Now I came up/I used to have to keep my clothes in a corner in a trash bag/Now I came up/Yeah, I’ve been on the road, but I ain’t forgot about a bus pass,” raps Boogie on the song’s hook.

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Stream “Come Up” below.

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