Brooklyn Man To Parent “Watch out, I’am Watching You! Your Daughter Is Cute”


A Brooklyn man stalking an 8-year-old girl and her 12-year-old brother left a chilling message inside the mailbox of their parent’s home.

“Watch out, I am watching you! Your daughter is cute,” the note read.

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NYPD released the details of the creepy note to the public Monday (Oct.23) along with video surveillance of the man. According to the New York Daily News, the predator is described as a bald, black man, 5’9 and about 160 pounds. He reportedly stalked the children for two days.

The young girl first saw the man following her and hiding behind cars Friday (Oct. 20) near Eastern Parkway and Brooklyn Avenue as she walked to a bus stop with a friend. Police say the man then ran when he saw other parents hanging about.

Her brother saw the same man hours later as he took the bus home from school. The man flagged down the bus near the boy’s home and tried to pick him up, however the driver stopped the attempted kidnapping by threatening to call police.

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The man however didn’t stop there. Police say he returned at about 7pm and was reportedly “on the second step of the residence ducking and taking pictures of the interior of the house.” The girl approached the man who asked where she sleeps and who she lives with. When she refused to answer he ran towards Nostrand Avenue.

At about 11AM Saturday (Oct. 21) approached the boy asking similar questions. The children then noticed the message in the mailbox shortly after.