Bryson Tiller Goes Surfing On Top Of Luxury Cars In New Video For “Self-Made”

R&B’s young king, Bryson Tiller unveiled a brand new music video for his memorable track “Self-Made,” a song off his latest album True to Self.

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The black and white video, which is directed by Colin Tilley, finds Bryson jet skiing in the streets, surfing on the hood of luxury cars, and lounging in a bedroom full of eye-catching ladies.

Last week, the Louisville, KY native recently spoke with GQ. During the interview he explained his meaning of “Self-Made.”

“It just sucks whenever you work so hard to do something, and then a lot of people try to take credit for it,” he said. “That’s not only what the song’s about, though. It’s about how sometimes you deserve to go ball and splurge on yourself,” the 24-year-old singer said to GQ. “I feel self-made. There are a lot of people that helped me get to where I am, but I took the initiative to want to better my life whenever I was just working at Papa John’s and UPS. I just said to myself, ‘I’m done with this life. I want a new lifestyle.’”

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Bryson’s last music video release was for his popular song “Insecure” featuring Jazmine Sullivan, which comes from the HBO show of the same name.

Watch the video above.