Carmelo Anthony Says “The Energy And Joy Is Back” Since Joining The Oklahoma City Thunder

The NBA regular season is almost upon us and with a new wave of games that’ll ultimately lead to the Finals, the shift of players from one team to the next will also provide an interesting experience for the league’s fans.

One athlete in particular that will receive a mountain of attention this season is Carmelo Anthony, who departed from the New York Knicks in September to play for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Per the New York Post, Anthony shared his outlook on his new home and the rejuvenating feeling that has set in.

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“I’m born again a little bit. I feel like I’m in college again. My second college campus being around in a city with a college feel,” he said. “The energy and joy is back with the game of basketball. I can feel it when I wake up. That energy is different. I think you’ll see something special.”

He also added that playing alongside teammates like Russell Westbrook and Paul George reminds him of his days playing in the Olympics.

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“I’ve always been a product of my environment. Whatever environment wants from me, that’s what I give my environment,” Anthony said. “This environment is different, reminds me of being around Olympic teams, those great teams.”