Cassie Experiences A Blissful And Turbulent Love Story In Self-Titled Short Film

Through a mélange of gorgeous picturesque West Coast sights, Cassie experiences the highs and lows of young love in her new self titled short film. Tucked away in a nondescript desert motel, she basks in the euphoric confines that inexplicably encircle someone when falling in love.

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The sultry singer is seen in various locations with her love interest — played by Cristoforo Donadi. “He’s like an aggravating high,” Cassie says of her onscreeen lover. “Like the high that you want to go away, but that you never want to go away. It creeps up on you; has you do some crazy shit that you would never do… and then it leaves you in the middle of the night.”

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Her new track with G.Eazy “Love A Loser” is also featured in the Harrison Boyce-directed short film.